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bellinger-mugName: John B. Bellinger, III


Born: March 28, 1960


Profession: Lawyer


GW Bush Administration Position:

  • Legal Adviser to the Secretary of State of the United States (2005- Jan. 2009).
  • Senior Associate Counsel to the President.
  • Legal Adviser to the National Security Council at the White House (2001-2005).

War crime charge(s):

  • Complicity in the commission of a war crime – torture, ill-treatment of detainees.
  • Justified extended detentions in Guantanamo and transfer of prisoners to other countries (rendition).
  • Crime against peace – planning and carrying out a war of aggression.
  • Played key role in convincing British legal authorities of legality of 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Primary Association:

  • currently unknown

Secondary Association:

  • Council on Foreign Relations, 1777 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20006, 1-202-509-8400

More Information:


"The vast majority of the people who are in Guantanamo are being held under the typical laws of war1."
" There is no international definition of what is cruel, humane, or inhumane2."

1 (quoted in Feb 2006 Dept of Defense press release)

2(Interview with Frontline on May 4th 2007)


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