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eliotabrams-mugName: Elliott Abrams


Born: January 24, 1948


Profession: Attorney


GW Bush Administration Position:

  • Deputy national security adviser, February 2005 - January 2009.
  • Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs, 2002 - 2009.
  • Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations, 2001-2002.
Trump Administration Positions:
  • Special Representative for Venezuela, Jan. 2019-present.
  • Holds merged position Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela, Sept. 2020-present.

War crime charge(s):

  • Crime against peace – planning and carrying out a war of aggression.
  • Leading proponent of aggressive "war on terror."
  • Abrams was the key man in Reagan administration policy toward Central America, when that administration was abetting what a court recently ruled was a genocide in Guatemala, when the U.S. was backing the army of El Salvador in a series of death squad assassinations and massacres, and when the U.S. was invading Nicaragua with a Contra force that went after what one U.S. general described as “soft targets,” meaning civilians, things like cooperatives.

Primary Association:

  • Council on Foreign Relations, Senior Fellow
    1777 F Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20006
    Tel. 1-202.509.8400

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