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Name: Michael Richard Pompeo

Born: December 30, 1963

Profession: Politician and attorney
Pompeo is a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement.

Trump Administration Positions:

  • Secretary of State March 26, 2018 
  • Director of the Central intelligence Agency, January 2017-April 2018
  • Member, House of Representatives,  2011-2017

Primary Associations:

  • Department of Army   1986-1991
  • Attorney, Williams & Connolly, 1993-97
  • President, Sentry International, an oilfield equipment manufacturer, 2006-2010

For further information, please see charts on opensecrets.org.
For Pompeo’s close ties to Koch Industries, see “The Congressional Candidate Spawned By The ‘Kochtopus’.”
On Pompeo and his evangelical beliefs, see “Pompeo and His Bible Define U.S. Policy in the Middle East.”

War crime charges:

  • Imposing sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, threatening those countries militarily and otherwise terrorizing them, with no just cause – crimes against peace including the threat of wars of aggression
  • Pompeo recommended to Trump the removal of restrictions on CIA drone killing, enabling the agency to join more fully with the U.S. Air Force in global drone war, which has expanded most recently in Africa. This suggests a significant expansion in drone assassinations and thus an increase of indiscriminate killing and the terrorizing of whole populations.
  • Complicity in Saudi civilian slaughter in Yemen and in the Khashoggi murder.
  • The International Criminal Court began investigating war crimes in Afghanistan conducted by the armed forces of the USA, Afghanistan and the Taliban.  ICC’s Special Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda was convinced there was adequate evidence for the ICC to move the investigation along. Bolton threatened to sanction the judges and lawyers at the Court and Secretary of State Pompeo then denied Bensouda a visa to come to NYC to deliver her report to the UN Security Council.  In April a pre-trial bench of the ICC decided to stop the investigation, saying an investigation into US war crimes in Afghanistan would not serve the interests of justice.

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