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By Debra Sweet

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Many hundreds of you took the Quiz: Iran, Who is the Real Threat? The percentage of people who got all 7 correct answers from last week's results is 26%, which is much better than the general public.  If you regular readers gave us your mailing address, expect a prize in the mail soon.

On a recent conference call about US threats to Iran, a participant asked if we didn't think, this time around, there are more people in the U.S. opposed to another war.  As far as we can see, there is no demand for war arising from the public. The Republican primary debaters are mostly screaming for it; and the White House says "no options are off the table" while it has put punishingly hard sanctions in place.

The media framers of war fever, the America-firsters and empire promoters won't hesitate to make the case for war, just as they lied about the need for war against Iraq.  Have people learned from that not to support such wars for empire?  Millions of us have.

That's why it's important that we are beginning mass actions against a US attack on Iran Saturday.  A year of the Arab spring and the Occupy movement, isn't it time for a concentrated NO towards another war to come from the people?

Come out Saturday, wherever you are, and be a part of setting new terms.  No war on Iran, no way.

How to Maximize the Impact of February 4th - No War on Iran

Download/print/distribute flyers

What should I say to people who think the Iranian government is undemocratic and a danger to the region and world?

Isn't it a good idea for the U.S. to at least institute sanctions against Iran, or intervene in some other way?

Don't overlook the fliers and information en Español on our Spanish website: ¡No a la guerra contra Irán!

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