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[The following was inspired by a conversation with Cherif Bassiouni and by testimony given at a hearing on Thursday, January 12, 2012, before the Committee on Human Relations of the City Council of the City of Chicago on a resolution to make Chicago a torture-free city. As Sister Benita Coffey has said, "Chicago's ban on torture should spur others to act too."]

[PS - Chicago City Council voted UNANIMOUSLY on January 18, 2012, to make Chicago a torture-free city.]

(1) I pledge to work with others in my community to make MY community torture-free.

(2) I pledge to encourage others to adopt the Manifesto, including working to make THEIR communities torture-free.

(3) I recognize that the reason people engage in torture is, in general, NOT to obtain information, but to injure the bodies and minds of those they subject to torture, and to instill fear and to terrorize others.

(4) A torture-free zone provides absolute rights of habeas corpus, and protects against indefinite detention.

(5) A torture-free zone guarantees every person due process and a fair trial, without exception.

(6) A torture-free zone guarantees everyone the absolute right to remain silent.

(7) A torture-free zone outlaws all forms of torture, of both mind and body, including extended solitary confinement.

(8) A torture-free zone prosecutes violators of its anti-torture laws, without exception and without limitation.

(9) A torture-free zone provides absolute legal protections to dissenters and whistleblowers.

(10) A torture-free zone performs an educational mission to share ALL of its experience and practices with others to hasten the achievement of a torture-free WORLD.

(11) I pledge to make my community a place that offers healing to survivors of torture.

(12) I support the collaboration of all those living in torture-free zones on the 1-year anniversary of this initial manifesto to update this manifesto to become a Global Manifesto for a Torture-Free World.

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