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121 10-04-15 Afghan Hospital Attack In Kunduz Possibly Criminal - UN 2861
122 9-11-15 "I Saw with My Own Eyes That They Killed People": Afghan Speaks Out as U.S. Reopens War Crimes Probe 2886
123 9-2-15 With a Record Backing Coups, Secret War & Genocide, Is Kissinger an Elder Statesman or War Criminal? 2900
124 8-10-15 No More Torture: World’s Largest Group of Psychologists Bans Role in National Security Interrogations 3230
125 7-13-15 Psychologists Collaborated with CIA & Pentagon on Post-9/11 Torture Program, May Face Ethics Charges 4311
126 6-16-15 Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas 3290
127 6-4-15 "These are War Crimes": Shocking Details Emerge of U.S. Resident Majid Khan’s Torture by CIA 3120
128 5-19-15 Frontline: Secrets, Politics and Torture 2949
129 "Kill Anything": Israeli Soldiers Say Gaza Atrocities Came from Orders for Indiscriminate Fire 2804
130 4-23-15 US Drone Strike Killed American and Italian Citizens Held Hostage by al-Qaida 3172
131 3-3-15 Petraeus reaches deal to plead guilty to misdemeanor; likely won’t face prison 3149
132 2-10-15 13-Year-Old Boy Who Lived In Fear of US Drones, Killed by CIA Strike in Yemen 3067
133 1-20-15 Prosecuting Guatemala’s Dirty War: Rigoberta Menchú Hails Embassy Fire Verdict, Dictator’s Trial 2921
134 1-17-15 Guantánamo Diary Exposes Brutality of US Rendition and Torture 3288
135 1-15-15 Did Gitmo "Suicides" Cover Up Murder? U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison’s Secret CIA Site 2990
136 1-13-15 Were Gitmo Murders Covered Up As Suicides? An Interview with Joseph Hickman 2953
137 1-12-15 The Afghan War is Not Over: U.S. Ends 13-Year Combat Mission, But 10,000+ Troops Continue the Fight 3049
138 1-12-15 Waiting for Fahd: One Family's Hope for Life Beyond Guantánamo 3007
139 12-23-14 Weaponizing Health Workers: How Medical Professionals Were a Top Instrument in U.S. Torture Program 2809
140 12-23-14 Bush & Cheney Should Be Charged with War Crimes Says Col. Wilkerson, Former Aide to Colin Powell 2941
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