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1 3//7/24 Biden Admin Quietly Approves 100+ Arms Sales to Israel While Claiming Concern for Civilians in Gaza 161
2 2/29/24 Impact of the War on Gaza, on Health Care and Human Rights 84
3 1/11/24 “Nowhere Is Safe in Gaza”: South Africa Lays Out Genocide Case vs. Israel at World Court in The Hague 199
4 1/2/24 South Africa Files Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice over “Genocidal” War on Gaza 241
5 9/5/23 “Doing Harm”: Roy Eidelson on the American Psychological Association’s Embrace of U.S. Torture Program 380
6 8/12/23 540 Days at CIA Black Sites. 18 Years at Guantanamo Without Charge. Hundreds of Paintings, Now Out in The World. 397
7 8/7/23 Lifting the Fog: The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 353
8 7/19/23 ‘We are damned fools’: scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come 351
9 7/4/23 Human Rights Defenders Slam Nomination of Elliott Abrams to Diplomacy Panel 406
10 6/29/23 Here's How Bad a Nuclear War Would Actually Be 362
11 6/13/23 “Peace for All Time”: JFK’s Historic 1963 Call for Peace Helped Lead to Nuke Treaty with Moscow 411
12 5/24/23 Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars 394
13 5/24/23 Jeffrey Sachs: Bipartisan Support of War, from Iraq to Ukraine, Is Helping Fuel U.S. Debt Crisis 375
14 5/1823 From Waterboarding to Rape, Abu Zubaydah Depicts Torture at Black Sites & Gitmo in Graphic Sketches 408
15 5/17/23 “The U.S. Should Be a Force for Peace”: Nat’l Security Experts Demand U.S. Push to End Ukraine War 390
16 5/4/23 Multiple US Officials Confronted About US Assange Hypocrisy On World Press Freedom Day 402
17 5/1/23 Daniel Ellsberg Warns Risk of Nuclear War Is Rising as Tension Mounts over Ukraine & Taiwan-Part 2 401
18 5/1/23 After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Leaking Pentagon Papers & His Legacy-Part 1 415
19 4/14/23 Chomsky on NATO 395
20 3/26/23 After Tide of Memoirs From Americans, an Iraqi Journalist Offers Inside Account of War’s Destruction 423
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