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41 7-18-11 Call to Impeach Obama
42 6/15/11 Sign the Demand for the Restoration of the Rule of Law and Accountability for War Crimes
43 2-10-11 Dear Spain: Please do what the U.S. won’t. Prosecute Torture.
44 1-25-11 We Will Oppose Obama As Long As He Supports War
45 1-12-11 Peace & Justice Organizations Ask Military to End Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning
46 12-16-10 Columbia j-school staff: WikiLeaks prosecution ‘will set a dangerous precedent’
47 12-3-10 Please Sign Petition Asking Eric Holder to Release Fayiz Al-Kandari, a Kuwaiti Aid Worker in Guantánamo
48 7-14-10 Support Bradley Manning, courageous Army whistle-blower
49 4-15-10 Letter of Reconciliation & Responsibility to the Iraqi People
50 3-29-10 Discipline John Yoo and Jay Bybee, the Torture Memo Lawyers
51 3-15-10 Tell The Washington Post: Stop Promoting Torture
52 2-19-10 Credo Petition to Prosecute Cheney
53 1-30-10 Impeach Bybee
54 1-28-10 Health Professionals to Stop Torture
55 1-22-10 Letter in Support of ICC Complaint
56 11-24-09 Berkeley Law Students/Staff Call for Investigation of Torture Lawyers
57 10-30-09 Berkeley Law students petition for investigation of John Yoo
58 10-28-09 Congress Must Stop Torture
59 10-13-09 An open letter to the president of Yale University, Richard Levin, and to the Yale community regarding Negroponte
60 8-06-09 Send this Video to Attorney General Eric Holder
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