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161 1-14-14 "Miami Protest to Close Guantanamo Bay" marched in Doral on Saturday
162 1-13-14 Voices from around the world calling for Guantanamo to be closed
163 1-11-14 Activists Occupy National Museum of American History — Install Torture Exhibit to Mark Guantánamo Anniversary
164 12--29-13 Orange jumpsuits follow Obama to his Hawaiian vacation
165 12-8-13 Confronting Petraeus' War Party
166 11-24-13 Anti-Cheney rally in Miami
167 11-23-13 Stanford Says NO To War: The Bigger Picture Emerges @ The Big Game
168 11-1-13 Two Articles on Cheney in Toronto Amid Protest
169 10-30-13 Cheney Unwelcome in Toronto!
170 10-22-13 Activists Visit Canadian Consulates & Embassy Asking for Barring of Cheney
171 10-1-13 Torture Opponents Say Ban Dick Cheney from Canada or Arrest and Prosecute Him
172 9-30-13 Memo: CUNY is Moving David Petraeus Seminar to Avoid Protestors
173 9-26-13 Petraeus Running Scared: Veterans Drive the General Out of LA
174 9-21-13 Violent Arrest of Students by NYPD Outside Petraeus CUNY Fundraiser
175 9-18-13 Unprovoked Police Attack Against Peaceful Protest by CUNY Students and Faculty Against Ex-Gen David Petraeus
176 9-11-13 College Students Chase David Petraeus and Shout at Him on First Day of Class
177 9-4-13 Students protest militarization of CUNY
178 8-23-13 Pro-Manning Disruption of Obama speech in Syracuse
179 6-4-13 Bradley Manning & Guantanamo: Resistance More Relevant Than Ever
180 5-22-13 Hancock's Reaper drone; Remote control there and here
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