3-11-10 Protest Rice in VA PDF Print E-mail

By Rain Burroughs

So the protest at Condi Rice's appearance last night didn't happen if you read the Richmond Times Disgrace, but I did read she is an awesome pianist. I talked to the photographer, who said they "don't wish to hear anything you have to say," his words, and the journalist who took down my name and number for follow up. So the paper had NOTHING! So people who feel like I do will think there is no one out there like them so why bother trying to get something together to protest war criminals when they have the red carpet treatment with the paper printing whatever the hell advances their agenda? And does its level best (although unlevel playing field) to keep the people down.

On WRIR.orgm 97.3, Kontra will do a show on it on his show, Weekly Sedition, on Wednesday. Catch it you can. Trying to post pictures.

A man spat on Chris, and another physically assualted him, witnessed by cop who admitted he didn't care. Gotta love Richmond.

And I will write a better report but I have to say everytime someone snickered at me I suggested they save their snicker for the spouses and children of soldiers who have committed suicide while serving or after returning because they "got" what they were doing was wrong and Condi was instrumental in getting them there. Doubt any will take me up on it, as it shut them up pretty good, until the next wave ushered by a green light at the corner, provided new snickerers. I am now also "a piece of shit" according to someone who paid top dollar to listen to an unindicted war criminal.


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