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By Jodie Evans

From CodePink | Original Article

I arrived at the Vegas airport at 11am with my sister Cindy waiting at the curb for me. We caught up on our kids and grandkids while walking into the Office Depot to pick up the pink copies of the Arrest Complaint. There were 2 cops parked out front when we arrived who continued to troll the parking lot .

Our team constituted Candace Ross, Zissa Rahman and Kevin Acosta, who is an army veteran, MFSO member and father of 2 Iraq tour Marine. We met outside the Office Depot where we picked up the printed Arrest Complaints. We test each of the cameras, read the complaint so we each felt empowered to be there.

Kevin and Zissa went in early to check out the place for our plan. Candace took on the flip camera and Kevin had his son’s digital camera. They were to go in before us and browse, waiting for us to get to the front of the line.

Zissa and I bought the book and got in line. Half-way through, we find that they take our purses and so she dashes to the bathroom to hide the banner in her skirt. I slip the handcuffs up the sleeve of my jacket, fold the arrest complaint into the book and my shirt has the banner Whitney made me before I left for the airport. It says: “Rove is a war criminal”.

We get to the table, Rove looks up to take my book and jumps back against the book shelves, points to the 3 security guards, saying “It’s her!!!” Security piles in. Zissa takes out the banner and starts to tell him he is a war criminal while I pull out the handcuffs and try to reach for him and then pull the arrest complaint out of the book. I argue that he needs to be arrested and I have a right to be there. They argue that the bookstore is private property and lead us out.

Rove is standing freaked against the books and then gets handed the next book as we are ushered out. We were physically pushed out the door with our unsigned book. Qe are going back to demand that they give us our banner back.

The women behind us tell us we are “rude”, to which I answer: “Not as rude as Rove who has killed over 4,000 of our US Soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.”

So much for courage and consequences.

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