3-24-10 Yoo at Irvine CA PDF Print E-mail

By Sharon Tipton

I told John Yoo he was a Wanted Man and handed him his Wanted Poster.

I also registered for the debate between Bob Barr and Yoo and handed out some of the 25 posters and 50 flyers on innocent victims of Yoo. I also gave a flyer to Mr. Barr and shook his hand.

Another protester stood outside with his "Torture is Immoral" banner from National Religious Campaign Against Torture. After I joined him, we chanted John Yoo is a War Criminal and Stop Torture. I recited the crimes of John Yoo including his instrumentality in forging the illegal war against Iraq which killed one million Iraqis, including 500,000 children.

Nuremberg wants you, Mr. Yoo!

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