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By Debra Sweet

From Debra Sweet | Original Article

150, maybe more, came out in Charlottesville to protest John Yoo’s appearance at the University of VA as part of a book tour on Crisis and Command: A History of Executive Power from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Local peace and accountability activists did newspaper ads, posters, and lots of preparation so that students and others knew that Yoo was coming.  A small number of students joined the protest; but more came by to talk to us and see what the protest is about. Other youth did a “Funk the War” march on the STOP TORTURE theme.

While protesters gathered in a park across from a 3:30 pm lecture, a few went inside, and, one by one, called Yoo a war criminal, calling him out for promotion of aggressive war and torture as war crimes.  Yoo’s customary remark when he’s met by protesters that “Berkeley has followed me here” turned out to be true, as several of the protesters came from the Bay Area.

When I spoke to the crowd about our responsibility to the people of the world, who can’t wait to stop these crimes, two people in orange jumpsuits and hoods stood with me.  Afterward, police told them it was illegal to wear masks in the city, and threatened to arrest them if they weren’t removed.  Cindy Sheehan grabbed one of the hoods, and wore it when she spoke about having met men who had been detained in Guantanamo under harsh conditions.

David Swanson, Ray McGovern, Mike Ferner, Susan Harmon, Ann Wright, Shahid Buttar, and Mark Lane also spoke to the crowd, before we marched to the hall where Yoo was speaking, and attempted to enter.  A dozen city cops blocked the way.


By David Swanson

From AfterDowningStreet.org | Original Article

I had the opportunity to ask war lawyer John Yoo a couple of questions on Friday.  The situation was not ideal, with someone else holding the microphone and deferring to the witness, and other people heckling, and other people shouting at the hecklers.  Nonetheless . . .

I gave Yoo every opportunity I could to place a limit on presidential power.  Can a president shoot missiles in the United States?  Can a president drop nukes in the United States?  Yoo refused to concede any limits.

Yoo used the example of shooting down one of the airplanes on 9-11 to assert that a president could indeed use drones to shoot missiles at suspected enemies within the United States, assuming of course that the president proclaims it to be "wartime." 

So, can a president drop nukes in the United States?  Yoo refused to deny a president even that power.  He chose to respond by focusing on the example of Hiroshima, arguing for Truman's rightful power to do what he did, but my question had involved dropping nukes in the United States, and Yoo's answer made clear that he acknowledged no limitation on that power.  Watch the videos below. 

The Mayor Says Charlottesville Does Not Support Torture, Wars of Aggression, or Lies in Government:



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