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By Debra Sweet

Very regularly over the last 11 years, since World Can't Wait was formed to drive out the Bush regime, I've received suggestions, and sometimes grand plans for how to raise the demand to abolish nukes, the military machine, the drones, spying, and so forth.

Honest people think: if only people knew what the U.S. is doing, they would get together to stop it.

Well, if so, we would have done it. Reality is that people living in this country are fed constant messages not just from the government but from ruling class media and public opinion makers that the U.S. is the "good guys," that this is the home of freedom and democracy... that people are dying to get here... that your government is acting to keep you safe... blah blah blah.

As we reported from Philadelphia, we ran into a substantial lack of knowledge on the part of Democrat delegates, activists, and people on the street as to what the U.S. is doing right now, especially in the Middle East, the focus of now 15 years of war.

Revcom.us has an excellent, brief, round-up of just what the U.S. is doing. I urge you to read, share, and send your comments.

USA: Force for Good in the World? Or Neck-Deep in Blood?

The article ends:

People living in the U.S. have a special moral responsibility to oppose these criminal wars. If you don’t, then how are you different from what used to be known as the “good Germans”—those in Nazi Germany who claimed not to know about the extermination of the Jewish people?

But such resistance, while urgently needed, does not settle one’s moral obligation. Pursue your convictions and dig into why the outrages that move you keep happening, and what it’s really going to take to end them. Dig into the answers brought forward by Bob Avakian on the character of the problem and the solution to that problem: revolution. Get into the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America that he wrote, which shows how humanity could actually establish a system moving to eliminate the domination of entire nations and regions of the world, and capitalism-imperialism itself.

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