Examples of being alert and prepared to speak out as people of conscience when the opportunity arises.
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1 5/16/19 The Trump/Pence Regime Puts Iran in its Crosshairs… We Should Be Screaming, but the Silence Is Deafening
2 5/13/19 Do You Believe Trump?
3 2/4/19 After U.S. INF Withdrawal, Plowshares Activists, Facing Years in Prison, Warn of Nuclear Peril
4 Republicans, Democrats and U.S. Crimes Against Humanity: A Chart
5 10/13/18 An Open Letter to Microsoft: Don’t Bid on the US Military’s Project JEDI
6 6-27-18 Thank You Letter to Google Employees
7 4-27-18 A Warning Likely to Be Unheeded: A Review of Norman Pollack’s Final Book
8 9-22-17 Ugly. Dangerous. Fascist.
9 6-16-17 Feed the Hungry, Treat the Sick: A Crucial Training
10 4-26-17 Climate Change Is a Crime Against Humanity
11 2-8-17 Why We Won't Put America First
12 12-21-16 No! STOP Trump/Pence BEFORE They Start!
13 9-23-16 Politics As Pathology in the Warfare State
14 8-26-16 American Exceptionalism: A Pernicious Doctrine
15 8-16-16 A Force for Good in the World?
16 8-9-16 Cindy Sheehan: What’s Worse? Trump’s Background Checks or Clinton’s Policy of Mass Murder?
17 7-3-16 Stop Israeli Crimes Financed by the US - Not in Our Name
18 6-15-16 Giving Heart to People All Over the World
19 4-13-16 Borders Don't Matter Anymore
20 3-11-16 Three years old when the war in Iraq began
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