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PROTEST John Yoo Outrageous UC Berkeley Event
09.09.2010 - 09.09.2010 12.30 - 13.45
Boalt Hall - Berkeley
Speaking Engagements


Meet up 12:30 PM outside Room 110, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley campus.  Demonstrate your right to speak out against the University of California's promotion of state torture policies.

There is an outrageously insulting program set for Boalt Hall 12:45 to 1:45 PM
(lunchtime) this Thursday. John Yoo and Jesse Choper (former Boalt School of Law
dean) will present a discussion commenting on the latest Supreme Court hot cases.
The Supreme Court to lawyers is like the Super Bowl of the legal profession. How
dare they present The Torture Professor as "qualified" to do commentary on the
Supreme Court - it's part of a total re-packaging of this war criminal as a
legitimate legal expert.

Check out these links:

Professors found unfit to teach, fancy themselves outside the law.

Failing to reconcile personal prejudices with established law, former law school
dean Jesse Choper and recognized war criminal John Yoo find themselves reduced to
attacking the Supreme Court.

In an attempt to squelch controversy, school administrators have elected to employ a
seldom-used mechanism to suppress alternate views, requiring attendees to display
their "papers", or university IDs. So much for oft-proclaimed integration of the
University with the community at large.

Anti-torture advocates will challenge this pretext for exclusion by testing policing
at event doors, expressing solidarity with actual torture victims by wearing the
prison garb of Guantanamo.


"Prof. Jesse Choper and Prof. John Yoo will provide a "round up" of the recent U.S. Supreme Court term and preview what's up next. Find out the latest in environmental, national security, international, orientation, technology, and criminal procedure law. Professors will also speak of Justice's Kagan's potential influence on the Court.

Catered LUNCH w/drinks PROVIDED (while supplies last, first come, first served, enough for approximately 120 people) THIS IS A MUST SEE (ONLY @ BERKELEY LAW) MEGA EVENT MUST BRING VALID CAL-BERKELEY ID TO BE ADMITTED.

A sampling of some of the hot cases to be discussed:

•Schwarzenegger v. Video Software Dealers Association— This case tests a California law that prohibits the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. In April in a related matter, the court rejected arguments by Kagan's office to bar the sale of images of animal cruelty, such as dogfighting.

•Snyder v. Phelps— This case tests the speech rights of Kansas preacher Fred Phelps, who uses the venue of military funerals to publicize his protests against homosexuality. Phelps and his associates carried signs bearing anti-gay slurs outside services in Westminster, Md., for a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq. The Marine's father sued Phelps for infliction of emotional distress and won a $5 million verdict; an appeals court reversed the decision on free-speech grounds.

•Connick v. Thompson— This tests the liability of a prosecutor who failed to reveal exculpatory evidence, including blood from a murder scene, in a case that led to the freeing of a Louisiana death row inmate."


Boalt Hall
Bancroft Way at Piedmont Avenue
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