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Shut Down Drone Warfare, Shut Down Genocide!
04.20.2024 - 04.27.2024 
Holloman Air Force Base - Alamogordo
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Gaza & Palestine take Center Stage:  As the horrors in Gaza continue ceaselessly, Shut Down Drone Warfare Week will highlight the Israeli-U.S. genocidal campaign against Palestine in our week of nonviolent actions.  Holloman Drone Base graduates 700+ pilots and operators annually. Graduates from Holloman play critical roles in the ever-expanding U.S. Empire, that includes illegal, racist surveillance and targeted assassination by drones against non-European communities around the world, including in Gaza!

Join our peace-loving tribe at Holloman as we expose U.S. war crimes, promote military resistance and educate and foster critical thinking in the Alamogordo community.

Lots of "Down Time" to nurture our peace-loving community, make life-long friendship bonds, and explore the abundant beauty of the southern N.M. desert region.  Daily excursions planned. Bring your music, song, poetry, writings to share and uplift us!  Let's heal and dance at our revolution as we deconstruct U.S. hegemony!

April 24:  Global Day of Action Against US Militarism: Can't join us at Holloman Drone Base in April?  We are calling for a Global Day of Action Against US Militarism:  Organize a protest at your nearest military base in solidarity with our day of nonviolent resistance at Holloman Drone Base (AFB).

Our Demands:

Watch Short Video from Last Spring, 2023

2024 THEME:   SHUT DOWN HOLLOMAN for GAZA: "GAZA?  Hell No, Don't Drone!!"  & "Food to Gaza, Not Drones!"

Come for all or part of the week. PLEASE REGISTER HERE!

Travel Stipends: Offering plane/bus reimbursements as long as funds last.  Better yet, reserve a car or van rental, organize riders from your home region, and get paid for your gas and vehicle rental. Apply for stipends first and then buy your tickets, reserve your vehicles SOON, to help keep expenses down.
Deadline extended to April 10.
FMI:  Denise Hingle,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Write "Holloman Travel Stipend" in heading of email.

Co-sponsored by CODEPINK, Veterans For Peace and Ban Killer Drones.


Holloman Air Force Base
New Mexico