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Shut Down Creech!
10.15.2022 - 10.22.2022 
Creech Air Force Base - Indiana Springs
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NEWS:  Travel Stipends available to help you get to Creech!  Thanks to very generous donations from our co-sponsors, Ban Killer Drones and CODEPINK. we now have funds available to assist with travel expenses for those who otherwise couldn't come.

Please contact Denise HingleStipend Coordinator, by September 15 if interested.



Never been to Shut Down Creech?  Now's the time:

The week includes a Sneak Preview of new drone documentary, Battles Beyond the Horizon, featuring the Creecher Community, and much much more. 

Join the Fall Resistance!  

The "Creecher Community" is a growing community of life affirming and peace loving activists from across the country. We come together twice a year to let the U.S. government & military know that they do not have our consent to kill human beings in foreign lands with remotely controlled weapons.

We model peace and love in all of our messaging and nonviolent actions, because that is what is most effective, and it just plain feels right.  We also find lots of time between our vigils and actions to share joy, camaraderie, playfulness, singing, drumming, dancing and more, while being nourished by the beauty and wonder of the southern Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas.  

Huge gratitude to the Western Shoshone who offer us their sacred land and to MaryClare & Areeya, the local stewards & hosts of Sekhmet Temple, home of our peace encampment.

Check Out:

Join the "Creecher Community," in ongoing nonviolent resistance to the racist U.S. drone assassination program since 2009.  The military is proud to refer to Creech Drone Base as the "Home of the Hunters."

Hunting human beings? NO, not now, not ever!

Our Resistance is Working:
-There is a rapid turnover of drone operators and pilots!
-Creech AFB recently stopped training new pilots and operators and transferred the training to New Mexico, at Holloman AFB. We were wondering why commuter traffic had decreased, and fewer Reaper Drones were soaring over the Nevada desert. But the remote killing still takes place at Creech, directed by the CIA.



Creech Air Force Base
Indiana Springs
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