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By Handala


Without borders...


My allegiance is not peer pressured

To pledge to any flag cage

nor nationalistic  tomfoolery


My compassion and empathy

cannot be contained

by state nor national borders

humaneness and concern

shall not just be for those

that share stained blood line

who live within the local neighborhood?


One's loop of love

does not halt at illusory boundaries

encompassing gilded golden cages

that straddle this planet

like so many pulsing pimples of adolescence


My loyalty never slides up a pole

to bow before some banner or flag

nor am I obliged to pledge allegiance  24/7

to some fleeting exclusive society

anytime anywhere

no matter how coerced or pressured

by repetitious cradle to the grave



I am humbly without bias or pretense

a world citizen

Member of a singular species

Of one race

Within one family of humanity

Inclusive biocentrism


Upon this one pale blue dot


Connected to


Islands in a great vast multiverse


That we barely perceive

Yet we quibble and squabble

On this pale blue dot

Over insignificant inconsequentialities

Of trivial differences exploited for egocentric hegemony


Nationalism and militarism are odious diseases

Sprung forth from the most basic of ills


Militarism the tool to rob your neighbor

An addiction that is truly

beyond borders



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