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Film Screening of "Rethink Afghanistan" and Discussion with H. Candace Gorman, Lawyer for Two Guantanamo Bay Detainees, and Anthony Wagner, Iraq War Veteran.

On Saturday, December 12, Chicago World Can't Wait hosted a screening of Robert
Greenwald's documentary "Rethink Afghanistan" - a hard-hitting film that focuses on
the human and financial costs of combat in the Middle East to challenge the notion
that Afghanistan is "the good war." The screening was held at the Sulzer Regional
Library on Chicago's north side.  The room was filled with people from the
neighborhood as well as activists. During the screening, the room was hushed. The
film contains unforgettable images of the suffering and casualties that have
resulted from U.S. bombing in Afghanistan - hopeless children in bombed out villages
without shoes, burn victims, broken bodies. Greenwald's film dissects the
administration's justifications for this war while forcefully arguing that troop
escalation threatens to entrench America in an unwinnable, unwanted war that only
empowers the resurgent Taliban.

After the film, Candace Gorman, member of the War Criminals Watch Advisory Board, talked about her experiences as legal counsel for two Guantanamo Bay detainees and shared her concerns regarding human rights abuses at U.S. prisons in Afghanistan. She explained how difficult it was to meet and talk with the detainees that she represents. Sadly, they are still in detention, without
charges or trial. Anthony Wagner talked about his experiences as an Iraq War veteran
and the difficulties veterans face with post traumatic stress syndrome and getting
treatment. The audience asked Candace Gorman and Anthony Wagner many questions.
Almost the entire crowd stayed for the discussion long after the film had ended.
Most people didn't leave until the library closed. Clearly, this event was
very engaging.

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