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By Debra Sweet

3 courageous whistleblowers break the silence about the U.S. drone war - a decision that will change their lives forever

In describing the reach of the secret U.S. drone/surveillance program, a young whistleblower says "it's like borders don't matter anymore." In the new film National Bird, the speaker is "Lisa, who was part of an operation to suck up and process personal data in order to identify individuals who could then be blasted out of the clear blue sky. If the U.S. can justify the use of drones in Afghanistan, the film implies, on what authority can we forbid other countries from doing the same to us? As a filmed conversation with retired Joint Special Operations Command general Stanley A. McChrystal makes it clear, drone technology isn’t going away."

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Eye in the Sky is still showing in large theaters, presenting a distorted view (to say the least) of how the US drone war is fought. 

At any of these events, share this flier: The Reality of Targeted Killing by Armed Drones

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