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The prosecution of drone whistleblower Daniel Hale is currently scheduled to proceed in March.

A former veteran of the drone assassination program who became an outspoken activist and critic of it, Hale is being prosecuted under the draconian Espionage Act because he dared shine a light into a very dark corner.

Hundreds of journalists, whistleblowers, and free press advocates have signed onto a demand that this prosecution be dropped. We hope you’ll stand with us and do the same.

Click here to add your name to the petition.

Hale faces a sentence of up to 50 years in prison. As in other Espionage Act cases, Hale’s defense will have its hands significantly tied at trial — he and his attorneys have been barred from even uttering the words “whistleblower” or “good motive” in the courtroom.

Please click here now to sign this petition to the U.S. Department of Justice:

Stop the selective and vindictive prosecution of Daniel Hale and bring an end to the abuse of the Espionage Act to silence whistleblowers and other truth tellers.

These prosecutions are unfair, unjust, and undemocratic. It is unconscionable to use a law, supposedly aimed at actual spies and saboteurs, against individuals who act in good faith to bring government misconduct to the attention of the public.
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