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By Debra Sweet

Not a bug splat

Above, French artist JR's giant poster in Pakistan, "Not A Bug Splat," as seen from a drone.

Veterans Urge Drone Operators to Refuse Orders to Fly
“The people signing this letter know that they are asking drone operators to take a heavy step,” said Nick Mottern, coordinator of KnowDrones.com, “but we feel it is perfectly legitimate to advise military people to stop taking part in illegal activity that has killed thousands without due process, is terrorizing thousands more and is wracking their own ranks with moral injury and PTSD.”
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Write a Letter to the Editor about Drone Warfare
The Air Force announced cutbacks in drone surveillance and targeted killing operations, saying they can't train and retain drone operators. From The New York Times June 16, 2015:

After a decade of waging long-distance war through their video screens, America’s drone operators are burning out, and the Air Force is being forced to cut back on the flights even as military and intelligence officials are demanding more of them over intensifying combat zones in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Use our suggested talking points, or write your own and click to send via this online form to The New York Times, your local paper, or any outlet of your choice.
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