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On the evening of Sept. 16, 2009, a protest action was staged at Goucher College in Towson, MD, just north of Baltimore City, with respect to the appearance of Karl Rove on campus, as a guest speaker. Rove, aka "Dubya's Brain," was a senior advisor (2001-07), to then President, George W. Bush. He is suspected of participating in a White House-based cabal (WHIG), which helped to launch the immoral and illegal Iraq War.

Rove  had a difficult time getting started at his latest speaking engagement where activists stood up in the audience and denounced him for his serial wrong doings. IndictBushNow volunteers and other outraged people loudly condemned Rove as a criminal who should stand trial rather than become immensely
rich from obscenely huge speaking fees that he is receiving from universities and colleges around the country: $40,000 for 20-minute talks. They were quickly escorted out of the auditorium by the police and instructed not to return.  According to a press release of the ANSWER Coalition, "Rove should be on trial," for not only his role in pushing the Iraq War, but for also implementing "a system of torture and secret prisons; [for] racial and religious profiling; and for massive spying on the people in this country."

See what happened here, in a short video.

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