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The U.S. military is the single biggest consumer of oil — 100 million barrels per year. The massive environmental sacrifice associated with production threatens to overwhelm the ability to provide decent livelihood for billions of earths' inhabitants.KnowDrones

•  At the March for a Clean Energy Revolution on Sunday, July 24th, we will gather as "Humanity and the Planet Come First" within the Peace and Climate Justice Contingent.

•  Sponsors include World Can't Wait, the Brandywine Peace Community, CodePink, KnowDrones and the Philadelphia Area Anti-Drone Network. We are also endorsed by the Green Party of Philadelphia, Manhattan Green Party, NYC Metro. Raging Grannies, Granny Peace Brigade and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. We are working with these groups to clearly & visually protest the U.S. campaign of targeted killing and special operations in seven countries, run by a Democratic administration.  Our work will be based out of the Arch Street United Methodist Church just north of City Hall, where we will display model drones, and do outreach to the community.

•  We want to talk with the thousands of Bernie supporters coming to fight for the issues they thought Bernie was going to stand on, asking them to stick to their principles, and get active in opposing the US war on the world.

Sign up to join us in protest and let us know your availability. If you're part of an organization, bring them along.

Endorse the call to action here.


Can't come to Philadelphia to protest? Donate to support someone else to be part of visible resistance at the DNC. Funding is needed to transport model drones and produce materials and visual displays.
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