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Protesters calling for the impeachment, disbarment, and prosecution of a federal judge they accuse of aiding illegal torture will rally at 12 noon this Tuesday, July 14 at the James R. Browning Courthouse, 95 Seventh St. (at Mission).

Organized by the World Can't Wait, the activists will focus on Judge Jay Bybee, whose lifetime appointment to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by Bush they claim was a presidential reward for Bybee's role in legalizing torture.

As head of Bush's Office of Legal Counsel, in 2002 Bybee wrote a key legal memo justifying fourteen (14) specific torture techniques including waterboarding, walling, and sleep deprivation.

World Can't Wait's Stephanie Tang calls Bybee as "a member in good standing of the Torture Team, along with Yoo, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush. Without a green light for torture from the lawyers, the Bush regime could not have organized the horrible torture apparatus that is still operating today - and called it legal."

World Can't Wait and other activists have begun turning up to protest wherever Bybee travels across the Ninth Circuit. In a statement, World Can't Wait explained why these demonstrations will occur whether Bybee himself is in the courtroom on any given day: "Torture is a war crime, and the Torture Judge is a war criminal. As long as a war criminal sits on the bench of this court, every decision it issues is tainted."

Tang said today: "Our protests will not stop, because the torture has not stopped. And as more revelations keep coming, the whole world can see how central torture has become to the so-called 'war on terror. What does it say when Obama doesn't want to prosecute those responsible - when the new president follows in the footsteps of the old, and the torture goes on and on?"

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