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4000 words worth of pictures, as the World Can't Wait messages of: Torture Is A War Crime! Prosecute The War Criminals! Release The Torture Photos! reached an audience of over one hundred thousand people.

View photos here.

Photo 1: Over the July 4th traffic on Interstate 80, "torture victims and detainees" staged a bold banner display on the University Avenue footbridge overpass.

Photo 2: World Can't Wait has taken action up on this overpass every July 4th since 2006. This year, the focus on the torture state forged under Bush and now being continued and refined by Obama was a sharp challenge to the thousands who passed our display.

Photo 3: All afternoon, as drivers slowed to read the banners, endless honks and waves of support greeted the anti-torture message. At times, a remarkable 30-40% of cars were honking loudly.

Photo 4: This city statue installation, honoring the history-making legacy of radical politics and protest in Berkeley, stands at the foot of the overpass. These protesters of today decided to update the statue's message.

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