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The Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait writes:

World Can’t Wait welcomed people coming to the annual Chicago Air & Water Show on August 15 with a banner that set the record straight. This was a war show, glorifying high tech machinery that delivers death and destruction to innocent people in a growing list of countries. We were joined by friends from Voices for Creative Non-Violence and the Illinois Coalition Against Torture. A supporter donated a thousand copies of our updated flyers (available for downloading here) and most of them were distributed, while dozens of people took photos of our banners and thanked us for being there. Every year we’ve seen less and less overt support for the US’s endless war, and this was true again this year.

Only a few people argued that “something has to be done” about ISIS, whose crimes were on the front page that morning. Our flyer addresses it well: “Islamic State = BAD, US War for Empire = Even WORSE” and many people took it and put it in their pockets to read later. However, many more people seemed to be oblivious to the reality of what this country is doing around the world. We also confronted the dangerous illusion - once again - that we will be able to vote our way out of this slaughter by "supporting Bernie." We pointed to our War Crimes Must Be Stopped banner with mugshots of Bush and Obama and asked “like voting for Obama?!” Next month, we will be at Fighting Bob Fest in Madison, WI, and we hope that friends will join us as we mark our tenth anniversary and bring to life our updated mission statement, putting humanity and the planet first.

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