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6-27-15 4 Hancock Anti-Drone Activists Guilty of Trespass but Acquitted of Disorderly Conduct & OGA PDF Print E-mail

We salute our friends for protesting unjust, immoral, illegitimate targeted killing by the U.S. AND for fighting through to expose the charges as suppression of dissent.

From UpstateDroneAction.org

Four Hancock Anti-Drone Activists Guilty of Trespass, But Acquitted of Disorderly Conduct and of Obstructing Government Administration (OGA), a Misdemeanor.  Sentencing Will Be in the De Witt NY Town Court on July 8 at 6:30 PM.

This afternoon (6/27), after deliberating a couple hours, a six-person jury found the four not guilty of obstructing government administration (OGA) at Hancock Air Base near Syracuse, New York, but guilty of trespass, a violation carrying a maximum 15-day imprisonment.


Today was the last day of the four-day trial presided over by Judge Joseph Zavaglia, a corporate attorney. The four were represented by Atty. Lew Oliver of Albany. They were among 31 arrested in the driveway to Hancock’s main gate on East Molloy Rd on April 28, 2013 for “dieing-in” with bloody shrouds or for attempting to  read aloud to the military personnel behind Hancock’s barbed wire fence a list of children killed by U.S. drones. The activists said they sought to “prick the conscience” of base personnel and the chain of command responsible for the war crime originating there.


A lowpoint in the trial came when Judge Zavaglia did not permit Pardiss Kebraiaei, a national security and international law expert, to testify. Kebraiaei, who has testified before Congress, had come that morning from NYC where she’s an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights.


Since 2010 Hancock has been the home of the 174th Attack Wing of the NY National Guard – an MQ9 Reaper drone hub piloting weaponized drones 24/7 over Afghanistan and likely elsewhere. Also since 2010 Hancock has been the scene of twice-monthly anti-drone demonstrations outside its main gate as well as occasional larger demonstrations and scrupulously nonviolent civil resistance organized by Upstate Drone Action, a grassroots coalition. These have led to over 160 arrests, and numerous trials in DeWitt as well as $375 fines, Orders of Protection, and numerous incarcerations.


The four defendants are:

  • Ellen Barfield of Baltimore
  • Jules Orkin of Bergenfield, NJ
  • Joan Pleune of Brooklyn
  • Beverly Rice of Manhattan

Joan Pleune & Bev Rice, arrested during Occupy Wall Street action, 2011

Th-2Joan Pleune, who is being prosecuted in upstate New York for her protest at Hancock Air National Guard base and a mug shoot of her after she was arrested in 1961 while a Freedom Rider in Mississippi.


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