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By Debra Sweet

It's undeniable that we had a too-small crowd on Saturday marching from the White House. We knew that would be the case; the wars the US is waging now are 1) “over” according to too many people; 2) covert and kept secret; and 3) sold on the basis of outrageous lies.

But we were right to be in the streets! If we had not responded to this 12 year anniversary of “shock and awe” with protests around the country, what would that have meant? Acceptance and complicity, showing no fight in us to bring forward many more people to oppose the illegitimate, immoral and unjust wars now and those that are coming.

Tuesday, President Obama announced that the U.S. troops scheduled to leave in 2014 are not leaving this year.
It was good to meet a large proportion of marchers on Saturday who read this e-newsletter, who follow World Can't Wait on Twitter orFacebook, and especially those who came from near and far because we and other organizations made the call forSpring Rising.

If you're reading this, and you have not yet become a monthly sustainer of World Can't Wait, what's stopping you?

This round of protests (in D.C. and around the country) would not have happened without an argument from World Can't Wait for the need and possibility for it, and significant effort in organizing the teach-in and protests.

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