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On May 28th, the Greensboro WCW chapter stepped back out onto the streets of our city to declare our opposition to the impunity (or is that immunity?) that is being afforded to US officials who authorized and committed horrific, sadistic acts of torture as part of the so-called “war on terror”.

15 people, including local Muslim leaders from the new organization Muslim Americans for Palestine, as well as a WCW activist in an orange Gitmo-style jumpsuit, stood on a busy commercial street at rush hour until a torrential downpour came down, sending us looking for shelter and conversation at a nearby restaurant. Also joining us was a music teacher who found our posts on facebook, a former immigration lawyer who was caught in an entrapment-style sting in 2004 and served a year in prison, which many local activists consider a part of the government's war on immigrants, and some stalwarts of the old Greensboro chapter and others who were pumped to get back out on the streets.

The Greensboro WCW chapter is now planning to show some films, such as “Taxi to the Dark Side” and “Standard Operating Procedure” in the weeks to come, to tap into and mobilize public opinion against torture and impunity.

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