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From the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait

Henry Kissinger, one of the top war criminals in the world, was invited to Chicago to give the keynote address at a March 20th fundraising dinner for the Illinois Holocaust Museum. “Humanitarian or War Criminal?” was the question posed by a broad coalition of groups, with World Can’'t Wait Chicago among the core, that came together to say loudly, “War Criminal,” a man who deserves to be behind bars, not dishonoring the memory of all who perished in the Holocaust. Over 40 people came out to deliver that message, including Gay Liberation Network, Jewish Voice for Peace, 8th Day Center for Justice and more.

Protesting KissingerRabbi Brant Rosen, author of “Wrestling in the Daylight” and a member of the rabbinical counsel of Jewish Voice for Peace who could not be present, sent a message stating, "I cannot understand how a man who was the architect of our nation's war crimes in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, who was instrumental in the brutal coup in Chile and other acts of illegal international intervention around the world could possibly be considered an appropriate speaker at a gathering that celebrates humanitarianism.”

Henry Kissinger has been dogged by protests any time he appears in public and many of us in Chicago were proud to continue that trend.

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