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Bush protest
Photos: Bud Korotzer

On the morning of Mon., January 13th, about 25 people gathered outside NYC’s Javits Center to protest the presence inside of former George Bush who was giving the breakfast keynote (closed to the press) at the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention. War Criminals Watch/World Can’t Wait activists, who had put the original call out for the demonstration, were there with a large banner and posters. We Will Not Be Silent had their striking black and white posters. Several people had creatively designed posters for the event. We had a march of the dead, some of us in masks, around the Center. We were seen by many conventioneers (the Retailers and those attending other conventions being held simultaneously) and by those passing by in the heavy morning traffic on 11th Avenue. We managed to remind a lot of people who Bush was and what he stood for.  Loads of people passing by and getting off buses took photos. We were livestreamed by independent DC media.

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