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By J.K Trotter

From Gawker | Original Article

The City University of New York has relocated David Petraeus’s fall seminar, titled “Are We on the Threshold of the North American Decade?”, to a more fortified campus building, under “increased” security, which will allow the former CIA chief to avoid a growing contingent of student protestors, six of whom were beaten and jailed by the New York City Police Department after last week’s demonstration.

Starting today, according to internal staff emails obtained by Gawker, Petraeus’ seminar will meet on the 16th floor of 555 West 57th Street, a high-rise building located ten blocks south of Macaulay Honors College, where the seminar was originally scheduled. In one email, CUNY staffer Jeffrey Weinstein tells the university’s facilities staff: “Security will be increased. You should avoid scheduling any meetings on Monday afternoons on the 16th floor. Your CUNY ID will be required for admittance to the 16th floor on Monday afternoons.” A tipster tells us that the building was likely chosen because it features a secured parking garage, allowing Petraeus to move about without dealing with the rabble outside.

It’s not clear whether other CUNY classes have ever been placed under such security. We’ve emailed CUNY and will update when we hear back.


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