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3/18/22 How does the U.S. identify war crimes? PDF Print E-mail

By Debra Sweet

Answer: to the rulers of the United States, war crimes are only committed by governments they oppose.

While the victims of U.S. wars are nameless, U.S. media is 24/7 on the tragic death Russia is bringing to Ukraine. Children, pregnant women, elderly have all died there, just as they have in Yemen by the Saudis with U.S. weapons, as they died in Libya by U.S./NATO forces.

People here are being led to cheer for a dangerous U.S. escalation, including a direct war with Russia that could ensue from a "no-fly zone," up to and including a nuclear exchange. Everyone should oppose Russia's aggression, but no one who understands what the U.S. empire has done across the globe should be cheering for U.S./NATO war on Russia.

Our WarCriminalsWatch.org site has a curated series of worthwhile background readings on this situation:

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Bob Avakian, Revcom.us

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Paul Street, Counterpunch.org

Calling Russia’s Attack ‘Unprovoked’ Lets US Off the Hook
Bryce Greene, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

How the U.S. Started a Cold War with Russia and Left Ukraine to Fight It
Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, CodePink.org

Time for the US to take the lead for peace in Ukraine: The US’s Aggressive Expansion of NATO Created This Horror; The US Can and Should End It
Dave Lindorff, This Can't Be Happening

'Let Them Kill as Many as Possible': The Roots of US Militarism in Russia and Around the World Brian Terrell, Common Dreams

OMG, War Is Kind of Horrible David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy

War Torn: Continental Drifters and the Nationless Nation Nick Turse, Tom Dispatch

Debra adds a bonus: a graphic which tells the truth about this war from @therevcoms on Instagram. Share it!



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