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By Debra Sweet

We've been looking with growing alarm at the global implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, most importantly as it affects the "global south," i.e. those countries which are not the imperialist superpowers or the countries grouped up around them.  For example, predictions are that the continent of Africa could suffer greatly due to lack of healthcare infrastructure.

You might have noticed that the Secretary General of the UN, called on March 23 for a global ceasefire so that resources could be directed instead to stop the pandemic.  50 countries and lots of human rights groups are supporting it.  But it's not going anywhere past the UN Security Council, where the U.S. and Russia are blocking it, because they want the "freedom" to attack anywhere at will.

And, they're not going to be bound by such a resolution anyway.  Kind of like when Trump won't wear a mask, even though everyone else is advised to, because to do so would show weakness and fascists, such as Trump, aren't going to do that.

Which brings it back to us, those with the only power when it's used en masse, to stop governments from committing crimes, through our massive, non-violent and sustained actions.
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