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12/27/19 In Confidential Videos, Navy SEALs Say Gallagher Was “Toxic” & “Freaking Evil” PDF Print E-mail

From Democracy Now | Original Article

The New York Times has revealed a trove of confidential military interviews with the Navy SEALs who accused Chief Edward Gallagher of war crimes.

Gallagher met with President Trump over the weekend at Trump’s private resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida, only weeks after Trump overruled his own military leaders and blocked them from disciplining Gallagher, despite him being convicted of posing with a teenage corpse in a high-profile war crimes case. Gallagher was also accused of fatally stabbing the captive teenager in the neck and shooting two Iraqi civilians, but he was acquitted of premeditated murder.

In the never-before-released videos, the soldiers tell Navy investigators Gallagher was “toxic” and “freaking evil.” This is a clip of The New York Times-produced video of some of the soldiers, saying, “The guy got crazier and crazier,” and “he was perfectly OK with killing anybody.” Listen carefully.

Soldier 1: “The guy got crazier and crazier.”BR

Soldier 2: “You could tell he was perfectly OK with killing anybody.”

Soldier 3: “I see Eddie laying over him with the knife.”

Soldier 1: “The guy was toxic.”

Soldier 3: “We can’t let this continue.”

That’s one of the soldiers telling investigators, “We can’t let this continue.” Former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer resigned over the handling of Eddie Gallagher’s case.

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