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By Debra Sweet

While war criminals are being promised pardons, people who expose war crimes, like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are locked up.

All journalists are endangered by this U.S. prosecution.  Revcom.us writes in The Mass-Murdering U.S. Government Steps Up Persecution of Julian Assange for Helping Expose Its War Crimes—and Takes Aim at ALL Investigative Journalists:

"The Espionage Act that the U.S. Department of 'Justice' (DOJ) is using to go after Assange was first passed in 1917, in part aimed at antiwar and other radical activists. Among its elements is targeting the leaking of government/military secrets. This has been used in the past against people working within the government or in projects for the government—like Daniel Ellsberg, who was an analyst with a think tank closely linked to the U.S. military when he made the Pentagon Papers public during the Vietnam War. More recently, it has been used against Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden (a National Security Administration contractor who exposed vast electronic spying by the U.S. on billions of people).

What makes the case against Julian Assange so unprecedented and dangerous is that this is the first time the Espionage Act has been used against a journalist or someone publishing leaked documents—for making them known to the public—rather than just the original source of the information within the government/military or associated institutions and agencies."


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The Trump/Pence Regime doesn't want people in the U.S. to see the war crimes which are being committed in our names.  Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange went to great risks to make us aware.

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