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By Debra Sweet

From World Can't Wait | Original Article

#BlockHaspel protest outside the Senate hearing May 9

In We Refuse to Live in a Torture State,  World Can't Wait Steering Committee member Curt Wechsler writes:

"When Congress begs forbearance for failure to indict torture collaborators, it forfeits the opportunity to confront the moral disaster of a lifetime: capitulation to the “America First” doctrines of contempt, prejudice and racial division driven by fascists in the White House. The depredations of the Trump/Pence regime on traditional democratic rights are perhaps most blatantly demonstrated by the expansion of the state torture program embraced by America’s current executioner-in-chief.

Freedom from Torture a Human Right

In an “alternate universe” where the Obama administration prosecuted Bush-era war crimes, President Trump’s new waterboard nominee would be in prison, posted Sarah Jones at newrepublic.com. Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel supervised the abusive interrogation of prisoner Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri at a CIA “black site” in Thailand late 2002. 

Haspel’s ascension illuminates what happens when there is no accountability, no truth, and no justice for torture. Because of the power and influence of the United States, this lack of accountability, truth, and justice undermines the power of international law and the strength of the anti-torture norm globally. Moreover, letting officials of past administrations get away with torture does nothing to deter the possibility of a future administration attempting to do it again. For these reasons, all possible pressure must be brought to bear on Congress to vote down Haspel’s nomination. This won’t right the wrongs of the past, but it would be an important political victory against Trump and the torture enthusiasts who live among us. — comment to European Tribune forum

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a summary report on CIA interrogation programs in 2014, concluding that the interrogation techniques were more brutal and extensive than previously portrayed, and that the agency misled policymakers and the public about their nature. The destruction of videotaped interrogations, ordered by director designate Haspel, constitutes obstruction of justice say Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the 9/11 commission."  Read more...

This CIA nominee supervised detainee torture at a “black site” in Thailand

Gina Haspel arrived to run “Detention Site Green” in late October 2002, after the harsh interrogation of Abu Zubeydah that reportedly reduced attendant personnel to tears.

She supervised the interrogation of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques during at least four separate periods.

Interrogators at the site sought to make terror suspects talk by slamming them against walls, keeping them from sleeping, holding them in coffin-sized boxes and forcing water down their throats — a technique called waterboarding. 

Haspel drafted the cable ordering destruction of videotape evidence

In 2005, Jose Rodriguez, the CIA’s counterterrorism chief, ordered the destruction of some 92 videotapes of the harsh methods being used on al-Qaeda suspects at that the black site Haspel had once run. Haspel drafted the cable, and has been described, along with Rodriquez, as the biggest advocate in the agency for destroying the tapes.  Read even more...

It behooves us to hear the actual voices of two women who personally suffered due to the policies enforced by Haspel - the first in Rolling Stone and the second in The New York Times.

See any parallels here with the fellow in the photo above?  Brian Terrell notes that “the evasions and obfuscations of these two willing technicians of state terror are chillingly similar” in the cases of Haspel and Adolph Eichmann pictured here.  Read Brian's full piece here: Two Interrogations, Gina Haspel and Adolf Eichmann

Some of us with consciences and commitment were at the hearing when it began Wednesday bringing information about Haspel to the public and putting ourselves on the line calling her out for what she is: a torturer!  We send a shout out to War Criminals Watch/World Can't Wait adviser Ray McGovern who was treated brutally by security as he was removed from the hearing and then held under arrest overnight.  Watch this episode from Democracy Now which includes some of the demonstration as well as  incisive commentary by Jeremy Scahill.

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