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By Samantha Goldman


Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Camp Casey. On August 6, 2005, she bravely set up Camp Casey outside George Bush’s Texas ranch, demanding a meeting to ask him what “noble cause” her son died for. Her couragous acts re-ignited the anti-war movement. Millions of people were galvanized by her unprecedented action. Cindy's resistance tapped into peoples' deepest questions and sentiments and unleashed tremendous national and international support. Hundreds came to Crawford to join the encampment and hundreds more organized and participated in demonstrations that sprouted up across the country, and people all over debated the war and the whole trajectory of the Bush Administration. As World Can't Wait was forming to drive out the Bush Regime, we were inspired by Cindy and Camp Casey. We salute and thank Cindy for what she brought into being.

Camp Casey 1

Hundreds gather at Camp Casey 2

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