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Which prisoners held by the United States would have more due process protections if they were at Gitmo?  Answer:  The ones being held at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.  Sometimes referred to as "Gitmo East," in many ways that moniker is too generous for Bagram. The 1700 prisoners there don't have the right to an attorney and can't see the evidence against them, conditions that violate minimum due process standards. Some have been locked up for eight years, without charge or trial, while the evidence, if it exists, remains secret.

These are the findings of our new report, Detained and Denied in Afghanistan: How to Make U.S. Detention Comply with the Law. Daphne Eviatar, who wrote the report after a fact-finding mission to Afghanistan, points out that the system at Bagram not only violates the rights of detainees, it also "flies in the face of the well-founded wisdom of our top military leaders who have warned repeatedly of the dangers of denying Afghan detainees due process."
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