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Yoo Speaks to Former Intelligence Officers in San Francisco CA
07.22.2010 - 07.22.2010 10.45
United Irish Cultural Center - San Francisco
Speaking Engagements


You're invited to come with World Can't Wait and other friends for Yoo protest actions
on 7/21 and 7/22.  Let's speak out, calling for an end to the torture that John Yoo
was so key in setting up under Bush/Cheney.  Join us at the door to stand with the
message that Torture is a War Crime, John Yoo is a War Criminal!  Torture + Silence
= Complicity!  (For anyone wishing to attend the speeches, see ticket information below.

World Can't Wait, Progressive Democrats of America, and Code Pink are known to show
up at John Yoo's public lectures (over 30 times in the last year) – persistently
voicing the demand for justice and full accountability for the criminals behind
America's present-day torture state, from lawyers Yoo and Bybee up the chain of
command to Bush, Cheney and their whole team.  (See firejohnyoo.org and
warcrminalswatch.org regularly for this ongoing story.)

QUESTION:  "I get your e-mails inviting me to these actions all the time.  Why must
these Yoo protests be so frequent?"

OUR ANSWER:   John Yoo defends torture, out in public, frequently.  Bedecked with UC
faculty status, and brazenly espousing his discredited theories on torture, fighting
terrorism, and the miracles of the "unitary executive" (the president can do
whatever he wants during wartime, including the power to torture) – Yoo continues to
play a powerful role in rendering torture acceptable to the American people, long
after Bush and Cheney have gone.  Yoo's public speaking career is a vehicle for
promoting his theories to thousands in person and many more via the media.  His
being seen everywhere doesn't mean everyone agrees with him.  However,  a public
celebrity is created as everyone comes to know him ("Oh yeah, that torture lawyer .
. .") and his theories and crimes alike become familiar, part of the normal ebb and
flow of issues and debate, on and on.  While he goes still un-fired, un-disbarred,
and unprosecuted . . .

as if torture were not already found inhumane and impermissible by the world. 
as if torture were not already completely and without exception deemed illegal under
international law.
as if documentary and legal evidence of the horrendous abuse (including death) made
possible by Yoo's work is not real.

The whole world is watching: will people in this country demand what the government
(Bush or Obama) is not giving -- for the torturers to be brought to justice, and for
the torture to be repudiated and brought to a halt?  We have to call for this, and
stand for it, everywhere, all of us, over and over.  And with the humanity of the
detainees past, present and future in mind and in our hearts, we cannot stop.  Join


"The Association of Former Intelligence Officers Jim Quesada Chapter hosts John Yoo,
former deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel of the U.S.
Department of Justice, where he worked on national security and terrorism after the
September 11 attacks.

John Yoo is currently a professor of law at UC Berkeley. Yoo will be discussing his
new book,
Crisis and Command: A History of Executive Power from George Washington to
George W. Bush. RSVP and pre-payment required. The meeting will be held in San
Francisco: 11:30 AM no host cocktails; noon - luncheon. $25 member rate with advance
reservation and payment; $35 non-member. E-mail RSVP to Mariko Kawaguchi (please
indicate chicken or fish):
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and mail check made out to "AFIO" to:
Mariko Kawaguchi, P.O. Box 117578 Burlingame, CA 94011."


United Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th Avenue
San Francisco
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