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Trial of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7
10.21.2019 09.00
Community Events


Jury selection begins. End date is uncertain but the trial may be one week or more.

Location: Federal District Courthouse, 801 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, GA

For information on important-to-know rules at this courthouse CLICK HERE.

Additional Brunswick events the week of the trial will be announced. The Brunswick Art Show will showcase peace and hopeful actions. We are also planning a tribunal and community meals.

However long the trial lasts, supporters will witness in the courtroom, hold vigils to keep nuclear weapons on trial, and host peace community gatherings. Join us!

Please help spread the word! These seven heroic activists are continuing a long tradition of actions to beat swords into plowshares – a tradition we are all part of as we stand with them in love and hope for a peaceful world.