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On Earth Day, Say NO to the Trump Regime's Climate Agenda!
04.22.2017 - 04.22.2017 12.00
Foley Square - New York
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At this rally to Stop the Trump Climate Agenda, World Can't Wait will be part of a performance piece entitled "Earth Restoration."  Puzzle pieces will be placed over a large plexiglass globe, representing the Earth - the puzzle pieces will speak to problems and solutions. As we are all working to save our planet, it is right and just that we have the opportunity to take part in the symbolic putting of it back together again!

Join us and many other organizations there on Earth Day!

You can take the #4, #5, #6 to City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge and walk one block north on Centre Street; the #2, #3 to Park Place, walk east through City Hall Park and two blocks north to Foley Square; or the A, C to Chambers Street, walk three blocks east to Centre St. and one block north on Centre Street.

Following the rally, those gathered will be joining the NYC Scientists' March.

More information about the NYC Science march can be found on the website and Facebook page of the scientists.


Foley Square
111 Worth Street at Centre Street
New York
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