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21 6-18-14 Playing with Drones
22 6-5-14 Report on our Left Forum Panels
23 5-8-14 Three Reports on the Rutgers Teach-In on Condoleezza Rice on May 6, 2014
24 4-10-14 Public Hearing on Petraeus at CUNY
25 4-10-14 Knowdrones kick off forum in NYC
26 1-23-14 What we learned touring Close Guantanamo NOW
27 8-13-13 Two Plays on Bradley Manning
28 6-17-13 Stopping Indefinite Detention by the US: Guantánamo & Bagram Panel at the Left Forum
29 6-10-13 Whistleblowers Speak Out at War Criminals Watch Left Forum Panel
30 4-8-13 Videos from World Can't Wait Panel at Historians Against the War Conference
31 2-6-13 Interview in French on Zero Dark Thirty
32 1-22-13 Lupe Fiasco Gets Booted from Inauguration Concert for Criticizing Obama
33 1-14-13 Dark, Zero-Femenism
34 1-10-13 Two Pieces on "Zero Dark Thirty" by Karen Greenberg
35 1-13-13 Zero Dark Thirty, or How People Lose Their Humanity
36 1-4-13 A Letter to Kathryn Bigelow on Zero Dark Thirty's Apology for Torture
37 12-18-12 Why “Torture Doesn’t Work” Doesn’t Work: Dealing with “Zero Dark Thirty”
38 10-10-12 The Russel Tribunal on Palestine held in NYC, Oct. 6th & 7th
39 6-11-12 We Can't Be Silent: Ten Years of the War on Terror Needs to Stop
40 3-18-12 Stopping the US Drone War: A Chilling Feature of the US War of Terror, Expanded by Obama Administration to Include Targeted Assassinations
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