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Below is the text of the petition asking the Board of Governors to rescind its decision to invite and honor Dr. Rice. The petition has been signed by over 375 Rutgers faculty members; the list of signatories follows.

We, the undersigned Rutgers faculty members, are outraged and offended by the resolution of the Board of Governors to invite former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Commencement, and to award her an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

The mission of a University is to promote truth and knowledge, including historical knowledge. A commencement speaker is supposed to represent a model of citizenship to graduating students. To have Condoleezza Rice perform this role at Rutgers betrays both our mission and the trust of our students. It dishonors the Board and all of us.

As National Security Adviser (2001-2005), Dr. Rice directly participated in the decision to launch the second Iraq war. She played a leading role in the campaign of distortions and lies seeking to justify that war, repeatedly alleging that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that links had been established between al Qaeda and the Saddam Hussein regime. As Secretary of State (2005-2009), well after these allegations had been proven false, Dr. Rice never acknowledged that her claims had misled the country.

Condoleezza Rice was also fully associated with the Bush administration’s torture policy of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” such as waterboarding. Her later statement that she “didn’t authorize anything,” but only “conveyed the authorization of the administration” to the CIA, merely adds her name to the infamous list of participants in crimes of war claiming that “they only followed orders.”

The fact is that Dr. Rice has a central responsibility in an unjustifiable war that caused the death of over 100,000 men, women and children, and the displacement of millions of others. By so doing, she also gravely damaged the moral standing of the United States.

The decision of the Board of Governors to award an honorary Law degree to someone who deceived her country and condoned an attempt to legalize torture dishonors both Rutgers and the law. It is also a slap in the face to the students and their educators.

By putting Condoleezza Rice in the position of talking to graduating students about their accomplishments, their dreams, and their values, we do not merely help her avoid responsibility for her actions. We seem to be saying that both our students and their teachers should ignore history and be indifferent to crimes committed.

The Class of 2014 was 10 or 11 years old when the Iraq war began; it is now being asked by its alma mater to erase a part of its own history. This goes against everything we should be doing as an institution of higher learning.

We urge the Board of Governors to reverse its shocking and indecent decision. We pledge to do everything in our power, between now and Commencement Day, to inform and, yes, educate the Rutgers community about the very recent past that the Board’s action attempts to rewrite.

Last Name, First Name, Unit, Department Position
Abbas Sadia Newark English Assistant Professor
Abu El-Haj Thea GSE Ed. Theory, Pol., & Adm. Associate Professor
Adas Michael P. NB-SAS History Abraham Voorhees Distinguished Professor
Ahearn Laura M. NB-SAS Anthropology Associate Professor
Akincigil Ayse SSW N/A Associate Professor
Alexander-Floyd Nikol NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Associate Professor
Alidou Ousseina NB-SAS AMESALL Associate Professor
Allamand Carole NB-SAS French Associate Professor
Amendola Mary Grace Newark College of Nursing Assistant Professor
Anantharaman Divya Newark Business School Assistant Professor
Angell Beth SSW N/A Associate Professor
Auerbach Sidney NB-SAS Cell Biology & Neuroscience Associate Professor
Balakrishnan Radhika NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Professor
Baldi Andrea NB-SAS Italian Professor
Balog Katalin Newark Philosophy Associate Professor
Barbarese Joseph Camden English Associate Professor

Barbour Bruce SEBS Agr & Resource Management County Agent
Barkay Tamar SEBS Biochemistry Professor
Barnett Louise NB-SAS American Studies Professor
Batista David RUL Law Librarian II
Battey Daniel GSE Learning and Teaching Associate Professor
Bay Mia NB-SAS History Professor
Belden William SEBS Animal Science Assistant Professor
Belkin Nicholas SCI Lib Info Science Distinguished Professor
Bell Rudolph NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Bellany Alastair NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Belzer Alisa GSE Learning and Teaching Associate Professor
Bensman David SMLR Labor Studies & Empl Rels Professor
Bernstein Laurie Camden History Associate Professor
Blumenthal Eileen MGSA Theater Professor
Boikess Robert NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Professor
Böröcz József NB-SAS Sociology Professor
Bosniak Linda Camden Law Distinguished Professor
Boxer Paul Newark Psychology Associate Professor
Bratich Jack SCI Journalism & Media Studies Associate Professor
Brill Steven NB-SAS Molecular Biology Professor
Bromberg Yana SEBS Biochemistry & Microbiology Assistant Professor
Bronner Stephen NB-SAS Political Science Distinguished Professor
Brooks Ethel NB-SAS WGS & Sociology Associate Professor
Brown Carolyn NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Burke Luke Camden Chemistry Professor
Burns Kenneth RWJMS Psychiatry Clinical Associate Professor
Butler A. Hays Camden Law Associate Professor and Librarian
Butler Terence NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor
Camacho Jose NB-SAS Spanish & Portuguese Associate Professor
Caplan Karen Newark History Associate Professor

Cargill Jack NB-SAS History Professor Emeritus
Carr Deborah NB-SAS Sociology Professor
Carr Michael NB-SAS Geological Sciences Professor Emeritus
Castner Edward NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Professor
Cerulo Karen NB-SAS Sociology Professor
Chambers John NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Chen Kuang-Yu NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Distinguished Professor
Chevrier Marie Isabelle Camden Public Policy & Adm Professor
Cho Young-Mee Yu NB-SAS Asian Languages Associate Professor
Choi Chan RBS Marketing Professor
Clemens Paul NB-SAS History Professor
Coe Cathleen Camden Sociology Associate Professor
Cohen Ed NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Professor
Cooper Barbara NB-SAS History Professor
Cornell Drucilla NB-SAS Political Science Distinguished Professor
Cornilliat François NB-SAS French Distinguished Professor
Cosandey Frederic Engineering Materials Science Professor
Covey Lori NB-SAS Cell Biology & Neuroscience Professor
Craelius William Engineering Biomedical Eng. Professor
Cronk Lee NB-SAS Anthropology Professor
Curran Mary GSE Learning and Teaching Lecturer, Associate Dean
Dalbello Marija SCI Library & Info Science Associate Professor
Davis Belinda NB-SAS History Professor
De Fino Melissa RUL Special Collections Librarian IV
DeFilippis James Bloustein School N/A Associate Professor
DeKoven Marianne NB-SAS English Distinguished Professor
Delbourgo James NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Diamond Elin NB-SAS English Professor
Dienst Richard NB-SAS English Associate Professor
Dismukes G. Charles NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Distinguished Professor

Dixon Joseph SEBS Nutritional Sciences Associate Professor
Doerfel Marya SCI Communication Associate Professor
Doty Mark NB-SAS English Distinguished Professor
Dunbar-Hester Christina SCI Journalism & Media Studies Assistant Professor
Duprey-Colon Jennifer Newark Spanish & Portuguese Studies Assistant Professor
Eaton Adrienne SMLR Labor Studies & Empl Rels Professor
Ebright Richard NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology BOG Professor
Edmondson Belinda Newark Engl., African-Am. & African st. Professor
Egan M. Frances NB-SAS Philosophy Professor
Eisenzweig Uri NB-SAS French & Comparative Literature Distinguished Professor
Elsayed E. A. Engineering Industrial & Systems Eng. Distinguished Professor
Epstein Richard Camden English Associate Professor
Etkina Eugenia GSE Learning and Teaching Professor
Fabian Ann NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Falkowski Paul SEBS Marine & Coastal Science Distinguished Professor
Farney Gary Newark History Associate Professor
Feehan Paul NB-SAS Mathematics Associate Professor
Feigenson Mark NB-SAS Earth & Plan. Sciences Professor
Fine Janice SMLR Labor Studies & Empl Rels Associate Professor
Fischer Frank Newark Political Science Distinguished Professor
Fishman Daniel GSAPP Clinical Psychology Professor
Flieger Jerry Aline NB-SAS French & WGS Professor
Flitterman-Lewis Sandra NB-SAS English & Comparative Lit. Associate Professor
Floersch Jerald SSW N/A Associate Professor
Foglesong David NB-SAS History Professor
Foley Barbara Newark English & American Sudies Distinguished Professor
Francione Gary Newark Law BOG Professor & Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar
Franklin H. Bruce Newark English & American Studies John Cotton Professor
Friedman Judith NB-SAS Sociology Associate Professor
Fulton Thomas NB-SAS English Associate Professor

Gajic Zoran Engineering Electrical & Computer Eng. Professor
Galili Ziva NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Galperin William NB-SAS English Distinguished Professor
Gambarota Paola NB-SAS Italian Associate Professor
Garfunkel Eric NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Distinguished Professor
Garofalini Stephen Engineering Materials Science & Eng. Distinguished Professor
Gartenberg Marc RWJMS Biochem. & Molec. Biology Professor
Gasparotto Melissa RUL Research & Instr. Services Librarian III
Gibbs Jennifer SCI Communication Associate Professor
Gilchrist Alan Newark Psychology Professor
Gitomer Drew GSE Learning and Teaching Professor & R. & N. DeMarzo Chair
Glickman Norman Bloustein School Ctr. Urban Policy University Professor
Glynn Thomas RUL Research & Instr. Services Librarian
Golden Janet Camden History Professor
Goldman Alan NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Distinguished Professor
Goldstein Daniel NB-SAS Anthropology Professor
Goldstone Andrew NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Gomes Richard Newark FASN-PALS Part-Time Lecturer
Goodman James Newark History Professor
Goodman Roe NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor
Gordon Ann NB-SAS History Research Professor Emerita
Gossy Mary NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Professor
Grave Floyd MGSA Music Professor
Green Edwin SEBS Eco. Evol. & Ntrl. Resources Professor
Greenberg Douglas NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Gundy Richard NB-SAS Statistics Distinguished Professor
Häberl Charles NB-SAS AMESALL Associate Professor
Habib Rafey Camden English Professor
Handelman Marc MGSA Visual Arts Assistant Professor
Haugerud Angelique NB-SAS Anthropology Associate Professor

Haule Kristjan NB-SAS Physics & Astronomy Professor
Heffernan Carol Newark English Professor
Heiman Gary NB-SAS Genetics Assistant Professor
Hellbeck Jochen NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Herrera-Guzman Haydee Camden Mathematics Associate Professor
Hirschfield Paul NB-SAS Sociology Associate Professor
Hodgson Dorothy NB-SAS Anthropology Professor
Holcomb Briavel Bloustein School N/A Professor
Howard Allen NB-SAS History Professor Emeritus
Howard Angela NB-SAS Art History Professor
Hughes David NB-SAS Anthropology Professor
Hyland Nora GSE Learning and Teaching Associate Professor
Hyland Richard Camden Law Distinguished Professor
Irvine Kenneth NB-SAS Molecular Biology Distinguished Professor
Isaac Allan NB-SAS American Studies Associate Professor
Jackson-Brewer Karla NB-SAS Women's and Gender Studies Part Time Lecturer
Jager Colin NB-SAS English Associate Professor
Jehlen Myra NB-SAS English BOG Professor Emeritus
Ji Sungchul EMSP Pharmacology & Toxicology Associate Professor
John-Alder Henry SEBS Eco. Evol. & Ntrl. Resources Professor
Johnson Walton NB-SAS Africana Studies Professor
Jones Douglas RBS Mgnt. Sci. & Comp Info St. Professor
Jones Tayari Newark English Professor
Jones Toby NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Joseph Michael RUL Special Collections Rare Books Librarian
Justice Benjamin GSE Ed. Theory, Pol., & Adm. Associate Professor
Kaplan Temma NB-SAS History Distinguished Professor
Karlin Robert NB-SAS Psychology Associate Professor
Keene John Newark English & African st Associate Professor
Kelly Samantha NB-SAS History Professor

Kenfield John NB-SAS Art History Associate Professor
Kernan Ryan James NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Khan Atif RWJMS Radiation Oncology Associate Professor
Khayyat Yasmine NB-SAS AMESALL Assistant Professor
Kiniry Malcolm Newark English Associate Professor
Kjer Karl SEBS Eco. Evol. & Ntrl. Resources Professor
Klein Lisa Engineering Materials Science Distinguished Professor
Klein Peter NB-SAS Philosophy Professor
Klein Sanford RWJMS Anesthesiology Professor
Knapp Spencer NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Professor
Koerber Benjamin NB-SAS AMESALL Assistant Professor
Kolbaba Tia NB-SAS Religion Associate Professor
Komisaruk Barry Newark Psychology Distinguished Professor
Korobkin Donald Camden Law Professor
Koszarski Richard NB-SAS English Professor
Kronenberg Leah NB-SAS Classics Associate Professor
Kubik Jan NB-SAS Political Science Professor
Kucich John NB-SAS English Distinguished Professor
Kumar Deepa SCI Journalism/Media Studies Associate Professor
Kurnick David NB-SAS English Associate Professor
Kustka Adam Newark Earth & Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor
Lakhi Mangharam Mukti NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Langdana Farrokh RBS Finance & Economics Professor
Langschied Linda RUL Scholarly Communication Librarian
Larrier Renee NB-SAS French Professor
Larson Janet Newark English Associate Professor
LaSala Michael SSW N/A Associate Professor
Lauria Santiago Aldo NB-SAS History/Lat & Hisp. Carib. St. Professor
Lears Jackson NB-SAS History BOG Professor
Ledoux Ellen Camden English Associate Professor

Lee Catherine NB-SAS Sociology Associate Professor
Lees Andrew Camden History Distinguished Professor
Levine Michael NB-SAS German & Comparative Lit. Professor
Levy Ronald NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology BOG Professor Emeritus
Li Kang Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering Assistant Professor
Lin Hao Engineering Mechanical & Aerospace Associate Professor
Lister Ardele MGSA Visual Arts Associate Professor
Liu Fang EMSP Chemical Biology Associate Professor
Liu Xun NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Livingston James NB-SAS History Professor
Livingston Julie NB-SAS History Professor (MacArthur genius)
Lomas Laura Newark English & American Associate Professor
Longhofer Jeffrey SSW N/A Associate Professor
López-Marrero Tanya NB-SAS Geography Assistant Professor
Lugg Catherine GSE Ed. Theory, Pol., & Adm. Professor
Lynch Jack Newark English Professor
Lyons Richard NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor
Maldonado-Torres Nelson NB-SAS Lat. & Hisp. Carib. St./Comp.Lit. Associate Professor
Marchi Regina SCI Journalism/Media Studies Associate Professor
Marcone Jorge NB-SAS Spanish & Port. / Comp. Lit. Associate Professor
Markowitz Norman NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Marsh David NB-SAS Italian Professor
Marter Joan NB-SAS Art History BOG Professor
Martin-Márquez Susan NB-SAS Spanish & Port. / Cinema St. Professor
Martínez-San Miguel Yolanda NB-SAS Lat & Hisp. Carib. St./Comp. Lit. Professor
Mathes Carter NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Matilsky Terry NB-SAS Physics & Astronomy Professor
Matise Michael RWJMS Neuroscience & Cell Biology Associate Professor
Matise Tara NB-SAS Genetics Associate Professor
Matthews Robert NB-SAS Philosophy Professor

Mayer Matthew GSE Educ Psych Associate Professor
Mazrui Alamin NB-SAS AMESALL Professor
McGlew James NB-SAS Classics Professor
McKeon Michael NB-SAS English BOG Professor
McLean Paul NB-SAS Sociology Associate Professor
McMahan Jeff NB-SAS Philosophy Distinguished Professor
Miller Lisa NB-SAS Political Science Associate Professor
Miller Richard NB-SAS English Professor
Mischaikow Konstantin NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor
Mittelstadt Jennifer NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Mojaddedi Jawid NB-SAS Religion Associate Professor
Moorman Stephen RWJMS Neuroscience & Cell Biology Associate Professor
Mulcahy Kevin RUL Research & Instr. Services Librarian
Murch Donna NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Murphy Andrew NB-SAS Political Science Associate Professor
Musolino Julien NB-SAS Psychology Associate Professor
Narváez Carlos NB-SAS Spanish & Portuguese Associate Professor
Nicosia Judith MGSA Music Associate Professor
Niederman Robert NB-SAS-DLS Molecular Bio & Biochem. Professor
Noland Robert Bloustein School N/A Professor
Norris Andrew Engineering Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Distinguished Professor
O'Connor Daniel SCI Library & Info Science Associate Professor
Parker Andrew NB-SAS French & Comparative Literature Professor
Pelote Vincent RUL Institute of Jazz Studies Librarian
Perrone Fernanda RUL Special Collections Librarian
Peterson Barrie A. Newark RBS Part-Time Lecturer
Phillips Jayne Anne Newark English Distinguished Professor
Piroux Lorraine NB-SAS French Associate Professor
Pope James Newark Law Professor
Powell Jr Arthur Newark Urban Education Associate Professor

Puar Jasbir NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Associate Professor
Qualls Barry NB-SAS English University Professor
Raychaudhuri Dipankar Engineering Elec. & Computer Eng. Distinguished Professor
Reed James NB-SAS History Professor Emeritus
Reinert Stephen NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Rennie Nicholas NB-SAS German & Comparative Lit. Associate Professor
Robock Alan SEBS Environmental Science Distinguished Professor
Robolin Stephane NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Rockland Michael NB-SAS American Studies Professor
Roden Donald NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Rodgers Yana NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Professor
Romsted Laurence NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Professor
Ronda Margaret NB-SAS English Assistant Professor
Roseman Ira Camden Psychology Professor
Rosenthal Yair SEBS Marine & Coastal Science Professor
Roth Gary Newark Sociology & Anthropology Assistant Professor
Roth Monica RWJMS Pharmacology Professor
Rubin Beth GSE Ed. Theory, Pol., & Adm. Associate Professor
Rudel Thomas SEBS Human Ecology Distinguished Professor
Safir Kenneth NB-SAS Linguistics Distinguished Professor
Saidel William Camden Biology Associate Professor
Sakellaridis Ioannis Newark Mathematics & Computer Sc. Assistant Professor
Salime Zakia NB-SAS Sociology Associate Professor
Sannuti Peddapulla Engineering Elec. & Computer Eng. Professor
Santoyala Joaquin RWJMS Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor
Satter Beryl Newark History Professor
Sauers Ronald NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Professor Emeritus
Scanlon Lawrence NB-SAS English Associate Professor
Schaden Martin Newark Physics Associate Professor
Schellenberg Susanna NB-SAS Philosophy Associate Professor

Schneider Laura NB-SAS Geography Associate Professor
Schoen Johanna NB-SAS History Associate Professor
Schrire Carmel NB-SAS Anthropology Distinguished Professor
Schroeder Richard NB-SAS Geography Professor
Schuller Kyla NB-SAS Women's & Gender Studies Assistant Professor
Schur Lisa SMLR Labor Studies & Empl Rels Associate Professor
Schwartz Marcy NB-SAS Spanish & Portuguese Associate Professor
Schwarzschild Roger NB-SAS Linguistics Professor
Sczech Robert Newark Mathematics & Computer Sc. Associate Professor
Seidel Daniel NB-SAS Chemistry & Chem. Biology Associate Professor
Selim Samah NB-SAS AMESALL Associate Professor
Sellwood Jeremy NB-SAS Physics & Astronomy Distinguished Professor
Serrano Richard NB-SAS French & Comparative Literature Professor
Shapiro Joel NB-SAS Physics & Astronomy Professor
Shaughnessy Brenda Newark English Assistant Professor
Shaw Mary NB-SAS French Professor
Sherrell Robert SEBS Marine & Coastal Science Professor
Shockley Evie NB-SAS English Associate Professor
Shumyatsky Gleb NB-SAS Genetics Associate Professor
Sidlauskas Susan NB-SAS Art History Professor
Siegel Harold Newark Psychology Professor
Sifuentes-Jáuregui Ben NB-SAS American Studies Associate Professor
Sigal Leonard RWJMS Medicine & Pediatrics Clinical Professor
Simmons Peter Newark Law University Professor
Simmons Richard NB-SAS Asian Languages Professor
Sloan Jane RUL Research & Instr. Services Media Librarian
Smoyak Shirley Newark Nursing Distinguished Professor
Snyder Robert Newark American Studies Associate Professor
Song Jian NB-SAS Mathematics Associate Professor
Sontag Eduardo NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor

Spellmeyer Kurt NB-SAS English Writing Program Professor
St. Martin Kevin NB-SAS Geography Associate Professor
Stein Arlene NB-SAS Sociology Professor
Stephens Beth Camden Law Professor
Stevens Camilla NB-SAS Latino & Hispan Carib Stds Associate Professor
Steward Ruth NB-SAS Molecular Biology Professor
Stich Stephen NB-SAS Philosophy Distinguished Professor
Struwe Lina SEBS Eco. Evol. & Ntrl. Resources Associate Professor
Surles Elizabeth RUL Institute of Jazz Studies Archivist
Takacs Sarolta NB-SAS History Professor
Tehrani Farideh RUL Special Collections Preservation Librarian
Thompson Karen NB-SAS English Part Time Lecturer
Thunø Erik NB-SAS Art History Associate Professor
Tim Raphael Newark Arts, Culture & Media Associate Professor
Tischfield Jay NB-SAS-DLS Genetics Distinguished Professor
Townsend Camilla NB-SAS History Professor
Triner Gail NB-SAS History Professor
Trivers Robert NB-SAS Anthropology Distinguished Professor
Turshen Meredeth Bloustein School N/A Professor
Tuthill Louis Camden Sociol., Anthr., & Crim. Justice Assistant Professor
Uzumcu Mehmet SEBS Animal Sciences Associate Professor
Vásquez-Arroyo Antonio Newark Political Science Assistant Professor
Vettori Alessandro NB-SAS Italian Associate Professor
Vicario David NB-SAS Psychology Professor
Walen Alec Camden Law Associate Professor
Wall John Camden Religion Professor
Wasserman Emma NB-SAS Religion Assistant Professor
Watford Malcolm SEBS Nutritional Sciences Professor
Weaver Daniel RBS Finance & Economics Professor
Weigert Laura NB-SAS Art History Associate Professor

Welch Michael NB-SAS Criminal Justice Professor
Wenzel John Engineering Materials Science Distinguished Professor
Wheeden Richard NB-SAS Mathematics Distinguished Professor
White Carolyne Newark Urban Education Professor
Williams Alan NB-SAS French Professor
Williams Carolyn NB-SAS English Professor
Womack Ryan RUL Research & Instr. Services Data Librarian
Yanni Carla NB-SAS Art History Professor
Yans Virginia NB-SAS History BOG Distinguished Service Professor
Zerubavel Eviatar NB-SAS Sociology BOG Professor

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