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81 12/18/18 Alexa,Send Nukes 421
82 12/11/18 From Arizona to Yemen: The Journey of an American Bomb. When a bomb like this explodes, it doesn’t just kill people; it rearranges them. 626
83 12/11/2018 William Blum, U.S. Policy Critic Cited by bin Laden, Dies at 85 661
84 12/6/2018 Victim’s Representative Urges International Criminal Court to Open Investigation into U.S. Crimes in Afghanistan, Citing Guantánamo Detainee’s Declining Health 651
85 11/30/18 The CIA killed my father. What did they do with his body? 713
86 11/29/18 What Will It Take to Save the Children of Yemen? 672
87 11/15/18 Trump Ramped Up Drone Strikes in America’s Shadow Wars 698
88 11/19/2018 It's Time For America to Reckon With The Staggering Death Toll of The Post-9/11 Wars 646
89 11/19/18 Gitmo prisoner's case to be reviewed tomorrow 744
90 11/15/18 Afghan Military Deaths Since 2015: More Than 28,000 768
91 11/14/18 The hidden toll of American drones in Yemen: Civilian deaths 738
92 11/10/18 Chilean ex Army chief convicted for complicity in death of 15 people during Pinochet's regime 933
93 11/10/18 The University's Complicity in the War in Yemen: One longtime University trustee is also a major shareholder of one of the world's largest defense contractors. He should be removed from the Board of Trustees. 559
94 11/9/18 Why Yemeni War Deaths are Five Times Higher Than You’ve Been Led to Believe 812
95 11/5/18 Al Shimari v. CACI et al. 865
96 10/19/18 Psyched at The American Psychological Association 876
97 10/10/18 France sued for 'crimes against humanity' over nuclear tests in South Pacific 876
98 10/9/18 Google kills bid for $10 billion Pentagon contract after employee protests 857
99 10/2/18 Erik Prince, in Kabul, pushes privatization of the Afghan war 897
100 9/26/18 In Yemen and Beyond, U.S. Arms Manufacturers Are Abetting Crimes against Humanity 849
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