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By Debra Sweet

From World Can't Wait | Original Article

We know the people who read these messages have been informed for years that the U.S. has been doing great damage to the people of Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East.  The outrage goes back to Obama's use of targetted killing by drones, the killing of Anwar al-Awlaqi and his 16 year old son, in separate strikes; back to the administrations' alliance with the Saudis in their attacks on Yemen.

With Trump in the "America First" White House, the danger to the whole population of Yemen via the continued U.S. support of an allied and illegitimate regime -- the Saudis -- only grows.  Take time to read and view some of the latest pieces we've gathered.

We have been considering how we can best bring this information and outrage to the wider public as the ongoing destruction of Yemen is largely unknown to most people living in the U.S.  We'd like to know your ideas of how to do this.  Please email us with your thoughts.

In Kathy Kelly's most recent article, "God Only Knows," she points out that "along with three countries in North Africa’s 'Sahel' desert region, Yemen has been cited as part of the worst famine crisis in the 70-year history of the UN. In the past three years of aerial and naval attacks, Yemen’s key port of Hodeidah has remained partially or fully closed despite the country’s vital need for relief supplies. And, while Yemenis suffer the chaos and despair characteristic of war, the Saudis and UAE refer to the war as 'Operation Restoring Hope.'”

Watch this segment on Democracy Now, or read the transcript, of the interview with a reporter who smuggled herself into northern Yemen to report on the widespread famine and devastation there in an exclusive three-part series for ”PBS NewsHour.” Special correspondent Jane Ferguson is a Beirut-based special correspondent. Her pieces are titled “Yemen’s spiraling hunger crisis is a man-made disaster,” “American-made bombs in Yemen are killing civilians, destroying infrastructure and fueling anger at the U.S.” and “Houthis deny U.S., Saudi claim that they are Iran’s puppets.”

A horrific video and short article show the damage to civilian families in a residential neighborhood in Amran in northern Yemen.

And, an article from Israel's Haaretz gives another view of the intervention of various powers in the internal situation of Yemen.

On Friday, Rolling Stone published a piece by Matt Taibbi where he discusses, among various facets, the reasons for so little coverage in the U.S. "The reason for inattention is obvious: The United States bears real responsibility for the crisis."

Back to the future... only even worse! Last Sunday, July 22, Trump sent out an all-cap horrific tweet to the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, with the following threat:  "Never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence & death. Be cautious!"

World Can't Wait and others have been mobilizing actions here in the U.S. against war with Iran since 2006.  And yet, the moves of the U.S. government towards war are getting more and more pronounced and more and more deadly on a larger and larger scale.

Here's a link to the quiz on Iran: Who is the Real Threat? - a downloadable flyer (issued originally in 2012, but relevant for today).  Print the flyers out and give them to your family, colleagues, friends and neighbors.  Available in Spanish too.
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