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From Amnesty International | Original Article

"I ran along the street screaming my sisters' names but nobody answered. I went to the house and it was completely destroyed. Then we started digging and found them. They had been under the rubble for 13 days."

IS tactics and violations created particular challenges for pro-government forces in terms of civilian protection in west Mosul. Iraqi government and US-led coalition forces failed to adequately adapt their tactics to these challenges - as required by international humanitarian law - with disastrous consequences for civilians. Starting in January 2017, pro-government forces carried out a series of unlawful attacks in west Mosul, relying heavily on explosive weapons with wide area effects such as IRAMs (Improvised Rocket Assisted Munitions). With their crude targeting abilities, these weapons wreaked havoc in densely-populated west Mosul and took the lives of thousands of civilians.

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