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By: Debra Sweet

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October 7 2001: The U.S. swept into Afghanistan.

October 7 2016: Continued war on Afghanistan

(with the U.S pledging to remain there until at least 2024).

As we approach 15 years of this government’s war on the poorest country of the globe, the “War on Terror,” of which this was the opening salvo, has spread around the globe with the U.S. currently waging war on 7 countries.

The U.S. never left Afghanistan. This war has spanned two terms of two presidents and may be forgotten by many — but we refuse to forget the suffering that continues for our Afghan brothers and sisters. Last year the U.S. government bombed the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, killing at least 22 people over the course of almost an hour of continual targeted bombardment, thoroughly destroying the only hospital for hundreds of miles around. No one has been held accountable for this war crime nor has the Obama administration condemned it.

It has been 15 years of U.S. occupation, bombs, and economic exploitation by the U.S. government that has done the most damage to Afghan society and strengthened the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. The U.S. military presence is doing nothing to stop the violence of ISIS, and no good can come from the continued war but a world of good can come from people in this country standing up against it.

The reality is this: for the last fifteen years, every person living in Afghanistan has been living under the threat of death, or maiming, or detention which could be carried out at any moment with impunity by the most powerful military in the world — yours. This must end.


Neither Clinton nor Trump will:

  • Stop targeted killing and bombing by U.S. military
  • Shut down or even trim the 1,100+ U.S. bases around the world
  • Apologize or pay reparations to those countries destroyed by the so called “War on Terror”

World Can't Wait is calling on people to join in visible resistance sending the message:


No More Endless War In Our Name

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